Milton Public School Students Learn About MyPlate

Milton Public Schools are committed to incorporating nutrition education into their comprehensive health education curriculum in order to foster lifelong healthy eating behaviors into their students. The Wellness Policy reflects their strong efforts to ensuring that the schools are encouraging healthy nutrition habits and the promotion of daily physical activity.

Sara Evans educates Glover Elementary students about the 5 food groups.
Framingham State University student dietitian Sara Evans educated the Glover elementary students about the five food groups and MyPlate.

In furthering nutrition education at Milton Public Schools, Framingham State University Coordinated Program in Dietetics student dietitian visited the schools to educate the students on nutrition. On Monday, November 19th Glover Elementary welcomed Framingham State University student dietitian Sara Evans to discuss MyPlate.

The “MyPlate, Myself” presentation to the third-grade classes focused on the five food groups and how to build a healthy plate.

The students reassembled a Velcro MyPlate poster, correctly placing each food group in its designated spot, as well as placing various foods into the appropriate food groups on a separate poster. Students were then able to color in their own MyPlate and write down their two favorite foods from each food group. The students were eager to learn and participate during the presentation and expressed their increased knowledge of MyPlate and the five food groups.

For more information regarding nutrition education and amazing education resources visit The John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition at Framingham State University and the JSI resource center.

Submitted by: Sara Evans Framingham State University Graduate Food and Nutrition Student.