Milton Third Graders Learn about MyPlate and the Five Food Groups!

Framingham State University student dietitian Rachael Cross educated the Cunningham elementary students about the MyPlate.

Milton Public Schools (MPS) is dedicated to providing a solid foundation of nutrition knowledge to foster healthy lifestyles for their students as they learn and grow. This endeavor to encourage a healthier student body is mirrored in the district’s Wellness Policy, which provides the framework  necessary to actively promote physical education, nutrition education, and much more. Student dietitians from the Framingham State University Coordinated Program in Dietetics visit the MPS schools each semester to provide comprehensive, evidence-based nutrition education to students. This partnership allows the future dietitians to gain experience while passing their wealth of healthy knowledge onto the next generation.

On Monday, April 1st Cunningham Elementary welcomed student dietitian Rachael Cross to discuss MyPlate. The “Foods on MyPlate,” lesson for third graders centered on the five food groups and the many ways students can build their own healthy plates. After a review of the food groups, students each received a food card and were asked to identify which group they belonged to. As each food group was discussed, students were encouraged to move and engage in fun physical activities. After this first activity, students were invited to create their own MyPlate, featuring a favorite meal, and share with the class. The students were fast and engaged learners, and with their increased knowledge were able to form delicious and complete meals to share with their classmates!

A third-grade student example of a complete MyPlate meal

For more information regarding nutrition education, professional development for school nutrition professionals, and a wealth of other resources that fit your needs, visit the John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition at Framingham State University’s resource page. Also, visit the MPS foodservice and nutrition webpage to stay up to date on all their menus, policies, and educational endeavors.

Submitted by: Rachael Cross, FSU Graduate Food and Nutrition student in the Coordinated Program in Dietetics.