Promoting Mindful Eating: Lessons at Andover High School

In today’s world, where busy schedules and convenience foods often take precedence, teaching young people about mindful eating is essential. Andover Public Schools understands this importance and is committed to providing students with nutritious meals and the knowledge to make healthy choices. The school district’s wellness policy and food and nutrition department affirms this and supports students overall wellness and health.

Emily Bangrazi, a Framingham State University student dietitian recently visited Andover High School to share her expertise on Mindful Eating with ninth-grade students. Collaborating with Framingham State University, Emily’s aim was to educate students about how being more mindful when eating can benefit their concentration, eating habits, stress management, digestion, mind-body connection, and weight management as students.

Emily Bangrazi presenting in front of the classroom
Emily Bangrazi discusses the impact of mindful eating

On March 25th, Emily engaged students in interactive activities to help them understand what exactly mindful eating is as a philosophy, how it benefits them and ways they could implement it in their busy lives. Through discussions and exercises in which students thought of mindful and mindless eating examples, students learned ways they can be more mindful about eating and about their food choices. Emily’s lessons were practical and insightful, providing students with valuable skills to make healthier food choices. By the end of the session, students were equipped with the knowledge to be more mindful of their dietary habits and empowered to make healthier choices in the future.

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Submitted by: Emily Bangrazi, FSU Food and Nutrition Graduate Student in the Coordinated Program in Dietetics.