Los estudiantes de la escuela secundaria de Milton aprenden a consumir fibra

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December 4, 2019


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On November 18th, 2019, Framingham State University student Nicole Nyerick taught 9-12th grade culinary arts students at Milton High School all about the importance of fiber.

Students worked together to come up with strategies on how to increase the total amount of fiber throughout a day’s worth of meals.

Milton’s Nutrition Services is dedicated to promoting healthy habits and lifelong nutrition practices to students. As stated in Milton’s Wellness Policy, the district supports a healthy environment where children learn about and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices, and discourages practices that promote unhealthy activities and messages. Through Framingham State’s Programa Coordinado en Dietética, student dietitians like Nicole are able to visit multiple schools within the district in order to provide the nutrition education that is required to achieve the goals of Milton’s policy.

During the “Fill Up on Fiber” lesson, students learned about the different types of fiber, the health benefits of eating fiber, and ways to increase fiber consumption. Students tested their knowledge with a game of Fiber Jeopardy and recognized ways to increase the amount of fiber in an individual’s typical diet by viewing a model diet recall.

The Double Chocolate Oat Bites were sampled by students to unify the lesson with real life healthy practices.

The students’ favorite part of the lesson was when they tried a sample of Double Chocolate Oat Bites. Each student learned about and enjoyed a high fiber snack that was simple to make and eat at home. Students also took home a recipe handout for the Oat Bites which included useful fiber tips.

To discover more useful lesson plans and interactive ways to incorporate nutrition education in the classroom, visit The John C. Stalker Institute’s Resource Center.

Submitted by: Nicole Nyerick, FSU Food and Nutrition Student in the Programa Coordinado en Dietética