Watertown Public Schools Learn About Local and Seasonal Foods 

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September 14, 2022


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Watertown Public Schools are committed to providing students with balanced, nutrient-dense meals to allow them to achieve their academic potential. Nutrition education and resources can be found on the Watertown School Nutrition website. Additionally, the school’s política de bienestar is available to students and their families to review. 

FSU student dietitian, Helayne Speroni, teaches Watertown High School students about eating seasonal and local.

Educating students on how to nourish and fuel their bodies will allow them to make more informed food choices. On April 25, 2022, Framingham State University student dietitian Helayne Speroni spent time with students at Watertown High School and led a presentation on local and seasonal foods. Students learned about buying local foods and eating in season. They learned how seasonal foods taste better and have a greater nutrition profile. Students also learned about the environmental, economic and nutritional benefits of eating local foods. Students used the seasonal produce guide to create a seasonal circle, which they can use to help them select fruits and vegetables that are in season throughout the year.  

Although students are often times not the ones who do the grocery shopping, they were able to brainstorm ways they can contribute to utilizing local foods such as growing their own fruits and vegetables, supporting local farmers at farmers market, and using the Eat Local MA app on their smartphones to connect with local vendors, farmers, restaurants, and food businesses.  

For additional nutrition education and wellness resources, visit the CAMBIAR resource center. 

Submitted by: Helayne Speroni, FSU Food and Nutrition Graduate Student in the Programa Coordinado en Dietética.