The Collaborative Publishes ‘Food Literacy in Massachusetts: Local Successes, Statewide Opportunities’

The Massachusetts Food System Collaborative has published Food Literacy in Massachusetts: Local Successes, Statewide Opportunities as part of a project to ensure that all students in grades K – 12 have access to food system education in school. Over the past year, the Collaborative conducted dozens of interviews with key stakeholders in Massachusetts and beyond about the many ways students can learn about agriculture, nutrition, food justice, and culinary skills. Those interviews informed the report which includes case studies of schools that offer food system education, nonprofits and state agencies that provide support for this education, lessons learned from other states that offer food literacy, and recommendations for how to expand food system education in K – 12 schools in Massachusetts. Here is a link to the Sumário executivo and to a list of Resources to expand food system education at your school.

The Collaborative is now convening a coalition of teachers, nonprofit educators, school administrators, parents, students, and community members who will work to expand food system education, as currently not all students have access to education about these critical issues and skills. The coalition will identify key recommendations that resonate most with the group and advocate for actions to implement those recommendations. Sign up here to join the Coalition to Expand Food System Literacy. For more information on the report or the coalition, please contact Brittany Peats at