Andover High School Students Learn About Added Sugars

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January 4, 2024


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Andover Public Schools provide the students with wholesome, nutritious, and delicious meals that meet their health and nutrition needs. The política de bem-estar recognizes that having access to healthy food is essential for students to thrive in the learning environment, and students need to gain the knowledge and skills to select a diet that supports their health. The Nutrition Services Department is dedicated by helping students to create healthy nutrition habits that will last a lifetime.

Lais Dennis stands in front of the class
Lais Dennis teaches Andover 9th graders about added sugars

On November 20th, 2023, Framingham State University student dietitian Lais Dennis spent time with freshmen students at Andover High School. She taught students about added sugars in our food, the impact that consuming an excessive amount of sugar can have on our health, and worked on their skills reading the nutrition facts label. The students had the chance to learn about the different names sugar can have by looking at different ingredients lists. Lais also educated on how to identify if a product is high or low in added sugars by looking at the percent daily value (%DV).

Interested in offering nutrition education to your students? Check out the following resources for a variety of nutrition lessons:

Submitted by: Lais Dennis, FSU Graduate Food and Nutrition Student, Coordinated Program in Dietetics.