The Cafeteria as a Learning Space

The cafeteria presents many opportunities for nutrition education and promotion. Regardless of space or size, the cafeteria is a hub for school meals, socialization, and education!

How can the cafeteria be used as a learning space?

Children learn to try new foods through exposure. Taste tests, Harvest of the Month and highlighting new menu options are all great ways to introduce new foods to students.

When thinking about how to use your cafeteria as a space for introducing new foods and implementing nutrition education and promotion, consider the following:

When thinking about why you should utilize the cafeteria as a learning space, don’t forget about all of the work you are already doing. Providing students with nutrient-dense meals, meeting meal components and utilizing fresh and local ingredients is top chef work! Show off this hard work and let your students, administration and parents know why school meals are fresh and delicious!