Farm to School

What is Farm to School? 

Farm to School provides schools with locally sourced foods that allow students to learn about and taste different fresh, healthy options. For more information on farm to school policies and resources, check out the Farm to School Network

What are the Benefits of Farm to School? 

The Farm to School Program benefits both the school and the community. Purchasing locally sourced foods helps schools develop relationships with farmers, provides hands-on-learning opportunities for students, and boosts the local economy. Farm to School is a win-win for everyone!  

The Three Components of Farm to School 

Procurement: Local foods are purchased and promoted within the school. Local foods are served as a part of the meal program or used during a taste-test activity.  

Education: Students engage in hands-on learning activities focusing on how food is grown and harvested. Lessons can also link to health and nutrition.  

School gardens: Schools can start their own garden/gardening club or schedule field trips to local farms/community gardens.