Braintree Elementary School Students Learn Agriculture Basics

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October 5, 2022


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Claudia holds a picture of corn and asks Braintree students if corn grows on a tree, plant, or underground.

Braintree Public Schools believe that students should acquire the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to achieve and maintain optimum health and lifelong fitness. You can review the Braintree Public Schools’ Food Services Department website to learn more about healthy meal options available to students, and the district’s велнес-политика to learn more about the different wellness initiatives. 

On April 4th, 2022, student dietitian Claudia Osorio taught 1st-4th grade physical education students about the different ways that fruits and vegetables grow, and the different methods for transporting food to grocery stores and ultimately to their table. After a short lesson, students categorized different fruits and vegetables by the way they grow. They played a relay race where students were asked to use a different motion, dance, or exercise to cross the gym and get to the sorting station. Once they were there, they had to put their fruit or vegetables in one of three categories: a tree, a plant/bush, or grows underground, based on how the fruit or vegetable grows. 

Students were excited to showcase their dances and engage in physical activity. They learned how fruits and vegetables grow, and how nutrition and physical activity help kids grow healthy and strong!  

To find additional nutrition education resources for use in the classroom, visit the SWITCH Nutrition Education Lesson Plans page. 

Submitted by: Claudia Osorio, FSU Food and Nutrition Graduate Student in the Скоординированная программа по диетологии