Braintree Students Learn About Building Better Bones


Braintree Public Schools district is dedicated to creating an environment where health and nutrition education is promoted from kindergarten to 12th grade. The schools Политика оздоровления emphasizes the importance of establishing strong, healthy habits early on, by providing nutritious breakfast and lunch options that meet the U. S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Viktorija Cepule standing in front of the presentation board
Viktorija Cepule introduces the presentation to the class.

The Food and Nutrition department is led by two Registered Dietitians and aims to provide a variety of appealing, delicious, and healthy foods daily. On November 27th, 2023, a lesson “Building Better Bones” was delivered to 6th graders at Braintree East Middle School. The session was led by Framingham State University graduate student dietitian Viktorija Cepule. The lesson was focused on providing students with tips on how to build stronger bones at a young age. Viktorija included information on the importance of physical activity, particularly weight-bearing exercises and a calcium-rich diet for ones health. The students engaged in interactive activities, and even got to try some exercises during the action break!

Student dietician teaching a lesson in front of the class
Viktorija Cepule teaches Sixth graders how to build better bones.

Viktorija focused on a hands-on approach to engage students in group discussions to find favorite exercises, as well as calcium-rich foods they would like to eat. This type of lesson not only provided the foundational aspects of bone health but also inspired them to participate actively in their well-being journey. 

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Created by Viktorija Cepule, Framingham State University Food and Nutrition Graduate Student in the Скоординированная программа по диетологии.