Brookside Elementary Students Learn About “Eating the Rainbow”

The Milford Public Schools велнес-политика takes a comprehensive approach to students’ health. The policy advocates for wellness by promoting nutrition, and regular physical activity as integral components of the learning environment, supporting positive dietary and lifestyle practices, aiming to instill lifelong habits. On November 13th, 2023, Brookside Elementary School from the Milford Public School district collaborated with Framingham State University’s Food and Nutrition Program in Dietetics. They welcomed student dietitian, Mylene Dubois, who conducted a session with kindergarten students to emphasize the significance of “Eating the Rainbow.”

Mylene Dubois standing in front of the class holding a paper from the presentation
Mylene Dubois presents the “Eat The Rainbow” illustration to the class

The objective of the session was to educate students on making healthy food choices by emphasizing the importance of consuming a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Throughout the lesson, students discovered the various benefits of eating a spectrum of colorful produce full of nutrients like vitamins and minerals for strong bones, a robust immune system, a healthy heart, and more! The lesson incorporated a fun sticker activity, where students matched the colors of different fruits and vegetables to each color of the rainbow.  

After the lesson, the students were able to identify how eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables at each meal can help them grow, learn, and play! 

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Submitted by: Mylene Dubois, Framingham State University Food and Nutrition Graduate Student in the Скоординированная программа по диетологии