Watertown High School Students Learn About Nutrition Labels and Added Sugars

Watertown Public Schools has done well with their consciousness of sugars and providing overall healthy and balanced meals to students. Their mission, per their 学校营养计划, is to promote student health, well-being, and ability to learn through quality food, physical activity, and other wellness initiatives. To emphasize their commitment to the 健康政策, Watertown has partnered with Framingham State University’s 营养学协调程序and invited student dietitian, Haley Guinan, to teach high schools students about reading a nutrition label and looking at added sugars. 

FSU student dietitian, Haley Guinan, teaches Watertown high schoolers about added sugars and the nutrition label.

On March 28th, 2022, students learned about the difference between added and natural sugars, the meaning of daily value, and why important changes have been made on the nutrition facts label. The students had to determine if certain food examples were low or high in added sugars. Students were taught how to calculate calories based on macronutrients listed on the label, including carbohydrates. To help students better understand the amount of sugar found in beverages, Haley used visuals during the lesson with sugar packets which represented the added sugar in different beverages such as soda. To conclude students participated in a conversation about how they could reduce added sugars in their day to day lives and make healthier choices.  

For more nutrition and wellness lesson plan content, please visit the SWITCH 资源中心.   

Submitted by: Haley Guinan, FSU Food and Nutrition Graduate Student in the Coordinated Program in Dietetics