Braintree Middle School Students Learn about the Power of Advertising!

FSU Student Dietitian, Katie Kilcullen, teaches middle school students the power of advertising

Braintree Public Schools believe that students should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain health and lifelong fitness. You can review the Braintree Public Schools’ Food Services Department website to learn more about the district’s 健康政策, the various wellness initiatives and discover the healthy meal options available to students.  On November 21, 2022, student dietitian Katie Kilcullen taught eager students in a seventh-grade health class about the power of advertising and how to be more aware of marketing tactics companies use to sell their products. The students learned the concept of omitting important information and watched two advertisements for popular breakfast items that omitted the fact that they have large amounts of added sugar. After a short lesson, students then practiced on their own and created a 30 second radio advertisement selling a granola bar, but were required to eliminate an important ingredient. Students then presented their advertisements and the rest of the class joined in to guess what was eliminated.     

Students were excited to share their creativity. They learned how easy it is for companies to omit important information from their advertisements and be more aware in their future as consumers.

For more information on how to implement nutrition education lessons into your classroom, visit the 转变 Nutrition Education Lesson Plans page.

Submitted by: Katie Kilcullen, FSU Graduate Food and Nutrition Student in the 营养学协调程序