Breakfast After The Bell

One in 10 children in Massachusetts struggle with hunger1 and for some children, the meals they receive at school may be the only meals they eat each day. When a child is hungry, it can have a major impact on their ability to learn and on their overall health.

Curbing hunger in students starts with providing a balanced breakfast. Many schools offer breakfast to students, but many students throughout the state may still miss their morning meal, regardless of socioeconomic status, because of how and when breakfast is offered.2 Barriers such as late drop off, lack of knowledge about the program, limited time for socialization and stigma around school breakfast often lead students to miss out on breakfast if it is offered in the cafeteria before school.2

By implementing a breakfast after the bell program, schools can instead make breakfast a part of the school day and eliminate some of these barriers to help ensure students are well fed and ready to learn.